What if there were a light weight harness that could heighten sensory awareness without compromising functional movement, that improves and strengthens posture, psoas muscles, and the posterior chain while training... Welcome to The Kinetic Link! 



The Kinetic Link is a great training aid for drill and skill development in the world of sports training/ rehabilitation.  As coaches it is our role to create an environment which will allow the athlete to teach themselves what "IT" feels like.  The Kinetic Link creates that environment.  It encourages the wearer to engaged every movement from the hips/core which forces them to maintain postural alignment through the complete movement.  The brain remembers this sequential muscular firing pattern and the learning curve improves because movements become much more focused and internalized.  While at the same pre-activation of the muscle is accomplished.            

The Competitive Advantage

Changing The Game of How You Train!

Just what is THE KINETIC LiNK

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